Dragon Pens

Dragon Luxury Writing Instruments is made up of just the two of us, the husband and wife team of Jeff Boschert and Dr. Joyce Tang.  At our pen making studio in Pleasant Hill, California, we turn dreams into treasures you can hold in your hand.  What could be more exciting and inspiring?  We’re artists using gold, silver, and gemstones as our medium.

Our philosophy is to use gemstones as an integral part of our pen designs, rather than mere decorations added to pre-existing designs.  Using the skills of jewelry fabrication, metal smithing, lost wax casting, hand chasing, lathe turning and machine milling, we bring sculptural concepts to life.  Pens are three dimensional. They have motion.  They take on a life of their own.

We create art pens intended to be used as much as cherished.  Before we became pen makers, we were pen collectors first, so we understand that a pen’s performance is of utmost importance.  We design our pens to feel well balanced in the hand, and write beautifully.
A treasure, an heirloom, a piece of art, an instrument of self expression, a utilitarian object, a gift, something that somehow touches the soul –
what is a pen?  Each must decide for themself…


Jeff Boschert and Joyce Tang, M.D.